American Meatloaf

American Meatloaf – An Easy and Versatile Recipe for Meatloaf

American meatloaf is a staple of the American cuisine. Served warm with seasoned, whipped potatoes and steamed, buttered vegetables, such as green beans or baby carrots or cold and piled on a sandwich, most Americans will agree that meatloaf the ultimate comfort food. Inspired by a German-American dish scrapple, (minced pork and coarse-cut corn flour) basic American meatloaf is nearly synonymous with common meatball recipes and has nearly endless variations.

Basic Chicken Curry

The cuisine of India has been enjoying a surge in popularity lately, mostly because it stands very much apart from most others with its abundance of spices. Vegetables, grains and spices are its staple rather than meat. To compensate for its limited meat intake and assure an interesting cuisine, nature has blessed India with extraordinary spices ranging from precious saffron to more common black pepper, cinnamon and turmeric. Spices are the variety in Indian cooking and as a result, a very refined vegetarian cuisine has developed.
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Basic Taco Fillings

The taco can be made flour or corn tortillas interchangeably depending on your preference.
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Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff – A Staple Whether Stroganov or Stroganoff

Befstróganov, Russian for Beef Stroganoff, in its most basic form is simply sautéed strips of beef in a sour cream sauce. The recipe first became popular in China. Russian and Chinese immigrants spread variations of the recipe across the world with each country adding its own twist. For instance, Brazil adds tomato sauce and replaces the beef with chicken or shrimp, in Sweden, the beef is substituted with local falukorv sausage and Japan seasons with soy sauce and serves it with fluffy, white rice.
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Beetroot and fetta cheese salad

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Berry Cake

Studies suggest that fresh berries are super-foods packed with antioxidants that are credited with preventing heart disease, reducing the risk of cancer and boosting the immune system. Aside from all the health benefits, berries give desserts a degree of freshness that other fruits just can’t seem to deliver. Their rich colour and burst-in-your-mouth flavour makes them nearly irresistible whether they’re served fresh or frozen. This particular recipe calls for frozen berries, which is the next best thing to fresh-picked.
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Chinese Cooking

The Chinese value quality over quantity. When gathered around the table, guests are expected to eat everything that is served to them. Foods are always cooked as quickly as possible. Part of the reason was to conserve cooking fuel, but the tradition continued when it was discovered that swift cooking preserved not only the nutrients, but the colour, taste and texture of the food as well.
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Tortillas Made From Scratch

Pork, rice, tomatoes, avocado, chilli peppers, corn, poultry and beans are all staples of Mexican food, but the tortilla pervades Mexican cuisine. When folded in half, filled with seasoned meat and sprinkled with shredded cheese, the tortilla becomes a tasty taco, the Mexican equivalent of a sandwich. The tostado is the flat version of the tortilla and the enchilada is a soft, rolled tortilla stuffed with cheese or meat and bathed in a hot tomato and chilli pepper sauce. Refried beans and guacamole, a delectable avocado paste, often accompany tortilla dishes.
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